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Green Turtle Tortue Verte
Sharks  Requins
Grey Seal Phoque Gris
Gannet Bird Fou De Bassan
Crabeaterseal Phoque Crabier
Pilot Whale Globicéphale
Dolphin Dauphin


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2020 UPY Underwater Photographer of the Year

Greg Lecoeur Nat Geo 2

2016 NAT GEO Nature Photographer of the Year

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Antarctica Cover

Underwater Journey in a Frozen World 

At the end of the austral summer, photographer Greg Lecoeur, free diver Guillaume Nery, and cameraman Florian Fisher boarded a small sailboat bound for the white continent. Their goal was to plunge into the icy waters of the planet's most hostile ecosystem and bear witness to its beauty and fragility.

    A human adventure below the hidden face of icebergs.

      A witness to the incredible biodiversity of a fragile ecosystem.

        A story told through photographs by Greg Lecoeur.


          Antarctica trailer

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          Greg Lecoeur Portrait Topside Photography

          Originally from Nice and a lover of the Mediterranean Sea since early childhood, Greg Lecoeur became interested in marine biology and diving at a very young age.

          At 32, after studying business and a career as an entrepreneur, he sold his company and lived his dream: a year backpacking around the world with his camera. Upon his return, his insights and unique perspective were featured in French and international publications.

          Since then, his photographs have received numerous international awards (National Geographic Photographer of the Year, 2016; Underwater Photographer of the Year, 2020).

          Today, Lecoeur devotes all his time to his passion and life commitment: capturing the emotions of the living marine world in order to tell the ocean's stories and raise awareness about the preservation of underwater ecosystems.                                 


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